Monday, May 26, 2008

Jacinta & Matthew's Wedding 24th May 2008

What an entourage! We had three videographers, two photographers and my photography friend Norm from Divine Studios following these guys around like celebrities! hehe

Such an awesome day! Gorgeous people, gorgeous locations - meant gorgeous images! As you can see, I have struggled to keep it to a couple of highlights. lol
Jacinta looked absolutely stunning, as did the bridesmaids. I loved their dresses! So unique & elegant. I have to laugh, Matt came to me at the end of the night saying see - I wasn't as grumpy as you thought I would be! lol. Poor Matt, I hope I didn't give you a hard time. We got some terrific shots & I really enjoyed photographing you guys.
Jacinta & Matthew had me stay for reception, and I owe a huge huge thank you to Norm for setting up a beautiful slideshow presentation of the days highlights on projector for all of the guests to enjoy. A product I have been considering to offer my couples, which was warmly received. So it's definitely on the cards!

The venue is the amazing Tattersalls Club - Queen St Mall.

Thanks to Helen & Andrew for referring these guys, the recommendation was so good that they paid their deposit & booked me right away - before we even met! Thank you for your confidence in me, I hope you’re as thrilled with your images as I am.

PS. This is not favoritism I promise! I just really struggled to pick my favorites And sorry about the image order, I really struggle with this blogger for that. if anyone knows of an easier way, they just seem to flip to wherever they want to go!

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thatsmep said...

Oh my god , Catherine your the bomb , simply stunning images and I love your new site , I am so proud of you Cath just amazing