Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sam Pidgeon

Tuesday I did some corporate shots for Sam. We had a bit of wet weather, but still got what she was after. Thanks for having me do these for you Sam, and good luck with your campaign!
For all the teacher out there - vote for SAM PIDGEON!


The site is not live yet - give it a week or two.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gold Coast Bridal Expo!

What a day!
Nice to meet you all who came along to the expo at the convention center, it was awesome to see so many happy couples. What an overwhelming experience it must have been!
Information overload!
Oh, and fantastic to meet the trade-people in our row including:

Judy Brooks the lovely Celebrant next door - thanks for helping make our day enjoyable Judy - it was great to have you next door ;-)

(Oh yes - and thanks for taking the snap for us.)

The ever so helpful DJ guys from across the walkway - THANK YOU for help with my TV! Argh! lol Cliff has been DJ'ing for over 20yrs!

Aaron - The teeth whiting dude who can cut some mean shapes (dancing! lol)
- Totally Teeth who were offering 50% off teeth whiting!

The lovely couple Emma & Ken from Lestep Modern Jive - who teach you how to do the most impressive bridal waltz ever!

Libby from body IQ who does some amazing things - including Body Rescue - cleansing program! The one I though most interesting was the Body Bliss pamper/relaxation session for all the girls to have in their hotel room the night before the wedding! How fun!

Oh yes - And just briefly met Minna Nissinen from Glamour Department who does
HAIR & MAKE UP P. 0400 503 642
Nimma has had some amazing experience working in film & tv as well as photographic & weddings with her hair & make up, and although she currently does not have a website (Since they had never needed one & are new to the Coast)- I do not doubt that she would be brilliant to have as your make-up artist!

We stood there workin it all day & I truly could not have done it without the help of my precious cousin - Alice. Geewiz that girl is awesome! I can't say thank you enough Alice - you soldiered on even when I started to slow down.

And people, don't forget the amazing SHOW SPECIAL we were offering! Ask me me you book your wedding photography.

Australia Day Fun

Woohoo! One of my favorite days of the year! It's the only time we get a little patriotic about our beautiful country, and ALL have BBQs! I hope you had your flags flying proudly - I know I certainly did and might leave it flying from my car for a few days yet. Hehe
How lucky are we! A special day of gratitude ;-)

The Baker Family

How lovely! I have already created images for the gorgeous Baker family, back when little Harriett was a buba. It's so nice to be invited back again to see my work on their wall and say hello & play.
How sweet is the little image of Miss Harriette comforting her baby brother! Owww.
I just love the shots I got with Harriett when we had a chance to go explore her bedroom together -we just HAD TO put the fairy dress on! Soooo cute. Thank you Harriett, I hope you enjoyed your ice cream for dinner. lol ;-)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bridal Waltz Fun

Hahaha ha! I got this sent to me today from a girlfriend - I thought I should share.. Gave me a giggle in between the CRAZY day that I am having. I don't know how you girls decide on floral arrangements for a wedding, i would be painful! I can't even decide for my Expo coming up this Sunday. I thought this would be the quick & easy bit! Hmm..

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Bassett Family

Another gorgeous family I have been photographing since Kate & Shane were pregnant. What a fun morning. With Josh being only 18months old, we had to be really quick with all hands on deck to make things fun! We did well guys - lots of natural shots to choose from :-)
Mary, Kate's mum actually got to get involved in the session whilst here on holidays from the UK.
I just STILL can't get over how much these two little chickens (Josh & new arrival baby Anna) look so alike at that age! Thanks for having me back, I will look forward to sharing the rest of the images soon.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Ballantyne Family

I first met Grahem & Leonie back when they were pregnant with little Molly - in 2004. And have had the pleasure to photograph both their cute little additions to the family. Sunday the whole Ballantyne family got together as their gift to mum Margaret - who's birthday was back in July 07. lol At least she got the voucher then! With my weekends last year being booked out, and their's too - they ever so patiently waited until now for their special session. It was great to catch up & thank you once again for the yummy chocolates & wine guys! They didn't last long! hehe
I love the shot of little Molly helping William to smile for the camera, lol. So cute.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Biancia & Bens Wedding Day 19th January

WOW! Thank you soo much for having me come along & share in your special day. What an awesome couple, & what a beautiful location - Curan Cove, South Stradbroke Island.
It was so hard not to join you guys & your lovely families for dinner! But here is a sneak preview of whats to come!! Argh! So hard to pick what to post. lol

Muph & Plutonic come to the Gold Coast

I was so super excited to have the opportunity to photograph one of my favorite Australian hip hop crews on Thursday night - Muph & Plutonic . Thanks guys, awesome to meet you & FINALLY get to see you live! Wicked! ;-)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Smith/Tilsie Family

Nicole & Allan have invited me into their home to capture their special family occasions since little Monte was in Nicole's tum . Over Christmas we tried to organise a couple of shoots whilst they were on the Coast - but the weather had put us off. Finally (!), we got together & had a crazy session! With so many kids, an upset buba & lots of action we were bound to get some funny shots. Personally I love the natural moments the best - where you can see the childrens characters as they do, well, what they do! My favorite from the day is the one of the munchkins doing exactly that.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Photographers lunch - Yippeee!

What a brilliant way to start the week - a get together with fellow photographers, to talk business, equipment, photos and push bikes crashes! lol
It's a great opportunity & I absolutely love it. I now have some great photographer friends I can get support from, and give. Bit smaller today - but fabulous to see everyone's faces again.

And to think, it all started with just two! ;-) Thank you so much Paula for all your inspiration, support, motivation and friendship.

The VOS Family

Over the weekend I got to re-visit a gorgeous family whom I photographed when little Elanor was a few months old. About a year later they have the addition of Locky & invited me back for some more. He was a little upset with possible teething this day - but we got some beautiful images in the end.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another day of edit edit edit! It's tough being the watch dog - but somebody's got to do it ;-)

Obviously I'm all hyper & excited about this new blog - don't be fooled - I doubt I will continue posting this often once everything is full steam ahead for 2008! Really it already is.
I'm in preparation for the Bridal Expo at the Gold Coast Convention Cntr coming up on the 27th Jan, and busy finishing off the 2007 portraits & weddings!!

The new studio space has come together beautifully - what do you think - will my families & brides notice the muddy addition?? lol I like him there!

How good do the floors look everybody - thank you Stephen for the extra "Yea! just Do It!" chat which gave me the courage

And I know I'm probably crossing the line of professionalism here people - but theres a message I want to send out to you all. Love your precious lil toes!! You don't know what you've got till it's gone - it could happen to anyone on any day!! Just watch your step.

Now it's just the waiting game. Ewwww!