Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another day of edit edit edit! It's tough being the watch dog - but somebody's got to do it ;-)

Obviously I'm all hyper & excited about this new blog - don't be fooled - I doubt I will continue posting this often once everything is full steam ahead for 2008! Really it already is.
I'm in preparation for the Bridal Expo at the Gold Coast Convention Cntr coming up on the 27th Jan, and busy finishing off the 2007 portraits & weddings!!

The new studio space has come together beautifully - what do you think - will my families & brides notice the muddy addition?? lol I like him there!

How good do the floors look everybody - thank you Stephen for the extra "Yea! just Do It!" chat which gave me the courage

And I know I'm probably crossing the line of professionalism here people - but theres a message I want to send out to you all. Love your precious lil toes!! You don't know what you've got till it's gone - it could happen to anyone on any day!! Just watch your step.

Now it's just the waiting game. Ewwww!

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Jay Dee said...

Hi Cath! Just checkin out your blog - fantastic! Loving it already. Back home now and almost fully unpacked. Let me know when next you are in Brisvegas and will tee up a catch up. Lol, Jay Dee