Monday, May 12, 2008

Craven Hamilton Island Wedding 4th May 2008

It's the phone call every photographer dreads (NOT!!). Catherine, we have some news, we have decided to have our wedding on Hamilton Island, want to come?? How awesome! Great couple, great location = great fun!
Having spent time doing one of our e-sessions with Renae & Ben, we all felt like friends, making the wedding day very relaxed for everyone.
It was the perfect day for them, and so intimate.
And what a dress! Have a look at the gorgeous style of Renae's specially made dress. I love the browns, they all look very sharp!
I couldn't resist doing a cheesy jumping shot! hahaha
My favorite image would have to be of Renae's mum looking on as her daughter put her dress on, I quickly snapped this moment as I walked in the door. How precious.
Of course I had to get one with my face with Rena & Ben. hehe

Thanks so much guys, it was wonderful and I also enjoyed having the opportunity to take an extra day off to relax by the pool with my girlfriend Brookie. We both felt very lucky, and loved the relaxing days break!

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