Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our BIG news!

So, I thought I would wait until now before I publicly announced.... that I am pregnant!!
I'm so so sooo excited, and can't believe how lucky I have been. No morning sickness, and I really love the experiences of pregnancy - it's just so amazing!

The wait till today was because at 3pm, with both our mums we found out that it's a little..BOY. I can't believe how quickly the little creature has formed, and that in only 4.5 months time, I'm going to be a mum. ME! lol Crazy.

I've started buying books for him, and now I know we have a little boy I know I won’t be able to resist more little treasures for him. I'm so excited that I have been accepted into the Gold Coast Birth Center, where I hope to have a water birth.

For interest, check out this beautiful DVD called Orgasmic Birth. A MUST watch to any expecting couple. It may be a little extreme - I'm not sure about the orgasm, but the philosophy and ideas are just beautiful. It's really nice to help you feel at ease about birthing, if you’re anything like me I was terrified at the thought. Now I just can't wait, and felt even MORE privileged to get into TBC, and I can't wait to meet this little soul.

I'm a little crazy and have even enrolled our little man into school, at the gorgeous Silkwood Steiner School. I just can't wait to watch him learning there. I didn't have the best schooling experiences, so I believe it's an important part of life - I think taking him to school will be like going back to school myself in a way!

Oww, so so sooo excited! Due end of March, but please don't fret. I'm working hard to plan and organise so that Celebrations Studios is running better then ever, so we can keep providing you with gorgeous images of your own families.

The most gorgeous thing that sticks in my mind, said by one of my clients I'm going to finish with was

Catherine, your about to embark on the most amazing love affair of your life. There is no other like it.


Pamela Olah said...

Congrats once again pretty lady!! I'm so happy for you and Jim and the little man coming your way. You look so happy and absolutely gorgeous. Glowing! Missing you and loving you as always xx

Jay Dee said...

Hey Chicky! You are in great shape! So excited for you and thanks for the text - a little boy - gorgeous. Lol to you and hope to catch up in person soon!

Paula Gray said...

Cath, I will be here for you if you need me, cheers Paula and Leigh