Friday, November 28, 2008

Alice In Wonderland 1st Party!!

Another huge event for Nicole to organise! It's Liliana's 1st Birthday!!!
Wow time fly’s, and yet again I find myself wondering around Alan & Nic's beautiful home, chasing children and families for that quick moment in time.
It was a busy afternoon, with loads of action to capture!
Nicole did such an amazing job with the Alice in Wonderland theme and yummy treats. The kids looked like they were having an absolute ball. I know Mr Monte certainly was! lol

Little Liliana started to slow down, UNTIL mum bought out her big gift - and wow! That turned the frown upside down instantly - just watching her giggle with glee was so special.
The album is going to be gorgeous xo

If anyone can help me with getting images on this blog much larger, and especially the little detail shots - it would be greatly appreciated :-)

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Thea said...

Those baby photos are just tooooo cute! Amazing work as always.