Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Henna Art! own it

Do you remember the images from Natural bridge I posted back in March? Well, the gorgeous artwork on Charlotte was done by Elizabeth from Henna Oasis.
Very talented! And man I want one! It's a bit sad it washes off though isn't it, after all that work! Well, you can own your very own little piece of henna, on canvas! What a brilliant idea!
Check out the below designs, and contact Elizabeth at hennaoasis(at) to find out more :-) (I'm not sure if I am correct in doing the at instead of @, but I'm trying to protect your email address Elizabeth from junk? lol Hope that works! )
Also, keep an eye on etsy store for new works.

In order prices are:

Henna Bouquet $170 (40cm x 40cm
Colour Trio $20 (10cm x 10cm each)
Persia $30 (25cm x 15cm)
Sunrise $35 (30cm x 40cm)

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