Monday, March 10, 2008

Charlotte at Natural Bridge

Inspired by the latest Trash the Dress craze amongst wedding photographers, I decided it was time to do one myself. During my Newcastle trip I found the perfect dress, and with the gorgeous Henna artwork from Elizabeth at Henna Oasis - and Charlotte my dear friend as the perfect model, we set off - for an extra long lost journey - haha thank you tomtom - not! haha to Natural bridge. How amazingly beautiful! We are so lucky to have this, right on our doorstep!
A must visit location for all!!
Anyhow, have a peep, leave your comments - I must say, my only disappointment was not gettin the shot I had set out with in my mind! And thats of Char floating on her back in the water, and sitting on one of the little waterfalls. But, it was so freakin painful to watch the poor girl chattering her teeth as we were gettin to the end, that I totally forgot!
Thank you thank you thank you Charlotte, you were awesome! ;-)

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