Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Photographer Lunch!!

It's THAT time of month. One of my favorite days ;-)

Where I get to catch up with the wonderful collection of photographer friends I have made over the last 12 months. And as usual, Paula pulled off another hat trick and managed to wrangle some of the greats from the AIPP awards cocktail party the evening before, to come & talk with us. I don't think I mentioned, but a couple of lunches back she surprised us all with the amazing guest speaker - Yervant! The WORLDS #1 wedding photographer!! IDOL - helloo!! lol
She had the "nerve" to ask him to speak, and with a phone call the next day apparently Yervant said " Paula, are you crazy!!". lol All the way from Melbourne, we got to pick his brain & enjoy the company of Mr Yervant himself, and his lovely wife Annie.
Was awesome, just awesome!
Anyhow, this week was the gorgeous David Oliver - one of my true favorites. Classic. Along with Andrew Kopp - brilliant and Tero Sade, whos work is also just stunning.

Defiantly keeps me charged, inspired and feeling like ANYTHING is possible. Paula, you’re a legend!

Had to get a mug shot with the legends Yervant & David. Yeha! Cool!!!

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