Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jane, Michael , James & William

Wow! I'm so so flattered when families track me down to come back to photograph them again, even after 4 years! How cool :-)
Was a bit of a funny morning. We decided to go to the Powerhouse, and silly me - having only been there on a Saturday in the afternoon for weddings, had a jaw dropping moment as I pulled into the round-about of the powerhouse to see stalls & people absolutely everywhere! Whops! Markets!!lol
We walked around a bit, having not much luck at all! The playground was the next option - which was all fenced off for maintenance. We then walked around looking for more locations, half of New Far park looks like a construction site, with the gorgeous trees all fenced off! Arghh! lol
After a few snaps at my favorite toilet block, lol, we went back to the main building and found an awesome spot tucked behind the stall holders to play & got some really gorgeous shots. Phew!
Actually, it was a fantastic morning! And great to stroll around and have a peep at the stalls after - couldn't have been more perfect. Doing what I love – photography & markets afterwards. hehe
I can't wait to show off these images to the Bakers, so so sooo cute - I love the boy’s cute red hair, and cheeky grins. Thanks so much guys, and thanks for giving me your jumper to wear Michael, I felt like a dag pinching it, but man it was needed! Crisp winter air! lol
See you soon :-)

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