Thursday, June 5, 2008

All about me! -AGAIN !!$@??

Haha, so Char just sent me these shots of ME and I love them! Thought i should share.


charlotte said...

I'm still loving that bottom one, I HAVE to do that with bride and groom tomorrow. I will instruct them not to BREAK the poor old plant though in the process. Some people! :P

Love how we both did the leaf-in-front-of-face shot. Of course mine is the goofy one!

I still have more shots to process, a few more good shots to come yet!

Samantha said...

Charlotte did an awesome job on these. may I say that you both have inspired me!!! You both look gorgeous too! So you SHOULD feel comfortable in front of the lens! You're beautiful! Both collections make me want to TAKE photos and be IN photos! Well done!!!

thatsmep said...

Catherine you look so happy and confident to be a women , how faboulous are you, take my photo sometime will you ,
these are awesome. it shows the real you, fun , loving , a little bit of mystery as well.