Monday, April 7, 2008

The Costanzo Family

What a funny coincidence. Simon organised me to come out to photograph their pregnancy for Natalie's surprise birthday pressie - how sweet! Anyhow, when I walked in Natalie said Oh, I know you! You did the photographs of me with my sisters! And there they were, framed in the hall, the images taken 2 years ago when all the gorgeous sisters were expecting. Their mum had organised the session, and Simon had said, if I was unable to come, he was going to phone Nat's mum to get the number for the lady who did the girls! Ha! Small world!
Anyhow. It was a bit drizzly in Brissy on Saturday, but the images are very cute. Such a cute family!
Look forward to sharing more, hope the rest of your birthday celebrations went well Nat!

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