Sunday, December 7, 2008

My belly is growing!

We are at the 6 month mark, can you believe it!
Time flys, and I imagine so much faster when you have a buba to watch grow.

My pregnancy is still going really well, I feel so lucky. Just so excited, and getting into the "nesting" thing. Actually, I think it's Jim more then me!
It all started with a feature wall in bubs room, and has now turned into a full inside paint, and an upside down house over the weekend as we started on a cleaning frenzie - not quite making any sense as we went. lol
The place looks like a bomb hit, but very excited to see it coming together much better then it was before. The aim - to be simplistic and making it easier to clean for when bubs comes!
No more clutter! Something I need help with, and I have the right man for the job. His a gem.

But yes, back to belly. Jim's taken a couple of shots - oddly enough the bigger tum close up shot was taken the week before last weeks beach shot. What a week! Was so lovely, we got up at 4.20am and hit the beach by 5am with the boys most mornings. Feels sooo good, and it's just perfect that time of morning. I hope we can keep it up, then things wont be so challenging when buba arrives. Oww, I don't know, winter is a whole other story in the mornings. lol

It's funny how the bump constantly changes in size, depending upon what and when I have eaten, and the time of day. Looks huge in the below shots, it must have been afternoon.
On Sunday morning we woke to discover the line (Linea Nigrea) is beginning!
Jim can't wait till I'm the size of a basketball, but I'm in no rush. lol
Bubs movement yesterday was heaps, and other days not much at all.
The coolest thing is actually seeing him push out on my belly! I imagine this is only going to get bigger!

Oh yes, for those pregnant out there - I am yet to read this, but have been highly recommended the book BIRTH SKILLS by Juju Sundin & Sarah Murdoch

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