Monday, October 13, 2008

Margaret & Gary's Wedding 11th October 2008

The rain certainly didn't make a difference to the celebrations for these guys!
The girls stayed the night before at the Stamford, foot lose & child free. lol
The ceremony was at the beautiful Walkabout Creek Rain forest at The Gap. The plan was an outdoor ceremony, but was moved indoors. It was intimate and still beautiful. We didn't have as many photographs as I would have liked, but what we do have are rather special. Going to be perfect in their album!
It really did feel like I was photographing a friends wedding, so thanks so much Margaret (Or should I say Margie! lol) and Terese.
Oh yes, and a special credit to Terese for making the gorgeous little cake, it was perfect!
Well done :-)

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KT Doyle said...

Wow Catherine! Beautiful work... you have been busy! Looking forward to seeing you in Sydney! X KT