Sunday, February 24, 2008

2008 Greenlands Trail Ride

What a wicked weekend! I was so tired, filthy & broken but had THE BEST fun ever & couldn't stop grinning! This was my first big two days (And silly me went for a big ride the day before, so actually THREE) of non stop muddy dusty riding! Haha

With a few spills & lots of help, I always love hitting the bush & surviving on the kindness of others. I had the pleasure of meeting some lovely people, and made some new riding friends! Def need a bigger backpack with my own tools next time round, can't wait to go again.

Here's some to check out, if you know of any other local spots, or big weekends of trail riding, drop me a line. I'm always keen to meet new people (Especially the girls as I don't know many!) to go riding with.

Dalby Moto
Reliability trails Club

Not enough images sorry guys, was too busy gettin amongst it. But check out this jigger that went by on the HARD track, I couldn't believe it. Had to get a quick snap! And yup, decided not to pitch a tent for the night & slept on the dirt. Yeeeha! lol

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